How to disable door ajar on ford f150

1997 F-150/250 Warning Chime, Key-In-Ignition The key-in-ignition chime warns that the key is still in the ignition when the driver's door is ajar. The key-in-ignition warning chime will sound when: GEM: Driver door is ajar, the ignition switch is in the OFF/LOCK or ACC position and the keys are in the ignition..

It is showing a list price of 14.66 online. This is the part number for the left side "driver front and rear doors on Crew cab only". Not sure if you have a crew cab or not, but if not, the dealer should be able to get you the part number you need fairly quick. Hope this helps and good luck. :thumb: V. 2005 freestar: van thinks there is a door..door open..disable. 2005 freestar. ... I have a 1997 ford f150 and the door ajar light stays on and the inside lights stay on,even when the doors are shut.Is there a switch some where?.

This can resolve mechanical issues, such as sticky latches and gummed-up switches. Spray the WD-40 liberally, and open and close each door firmly a dozen times, to work the lubricant into the mechanisms. Apply more WD-40 and repeat. If the WD-40 fix does not turn off the light, we recommend having a mechanic take a look.




Jan 12, 2009 · To figure out the problem on which door, you need to check the pin switch right on the mechanical lock inside the door panel. Ford builds the pin switch on the mechanical lock. Use an ohm meter to check the 2 pins of the pin switch. Watch on the meter if you see it change when you push the pin switch in and out.. If you mean that the door ajar light and interior lights are always on ( even with the door closed ), spray the door latch real good with WD-40. The contacts in the door switch have cases where they get dirty, and stop working, causing the door to think it is open, even when it is closed. × Ad Add Your Answer Video Photos Upload.

Door Ajar chimes are realistic for certain cars Do you know how to disable the very annoying chime that sounds when the drivers door is opened Disable seat belt chime as follows: 1 The seat belt warning light on the dash stays illuminated as long as the seat belt is not buckled but the chime never sounds The seat belt warning light on the dash.

Nov 08, 2018 · Over time there is no amount of door slamming that can get that always-on, retina-burning, constant-reminder-of-your-decision-to-buy-a-Ford to shut off. It’s most likely an electrical issue related to the switch inside the latch mechanism. While the door will mechanically latch, issues with the switch make the door appear to be open to the ....